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Occasional Photo Booth Events

Renting photo booths at various events like wedding, corporate events and birthday parties, military events and graduations etc adds excitement to it. It brings about a sense of creativity, provides fun and creates buzz thereby boosting one’s marketing at conventions, openings, promotional events and product launches. One can find a host of such companies to choose from in Boston. A photo booth promises to spice up any of the above events. These companies assure top class experience to all their customers. Some assure that they would go that extra mile to make the event unforgettable. They offer to customize their packages; offer technologically advanced booths, low profile designs, and professional staff, competitive and transparent pricing thereby delivering an extraordinary product.

Few companies offering photo booth rentals also offer variety in the form of enclosed types and open air types, depending upon one’s tastes, space and budget.
Photo Booth Rental
One can think of setting up a business of photo booth rentals in Boston. It is a business of a different kind. It can be started in the most simplistic way. You need not have to employ workers to begin with. You can start with your garage to store the various equipment you will need for this venture. Expensive equipment can be stored indoors.

HD Video Recording

An 18 megapixel DSLR camera would do a good job. Ensure that it is capable of HD video recording, one that can manage dim to bright conditions, live view feature, remote PC control and compatible with most photo book software. If one can afford a really good camera then he can avoid buying additional lenses.

If one chooses to go for a photo booth cabinet, then he would not need a camera stand. Otherwise it is one of the crucial items for one’s photo booth business. This should allow one to adjust height and angle with the use of various control knobs for that perfect picture.

Tips To Use Photo Printer

Next one would need a Photo Printer. Usually the events where one sets up his photo booth tends to get very excited with nearly all the visitors are willing to take their picture and this continuous usage is likely to heat up the printer faster. Now excessive heat can damage the printer. As a contingency measure, one can buy a heavy duty Photo Printer and alternatively can buy two printers; that can save one from a possible unpleasant situation. Certain Photo book software gives one the capability of printer load management feature. With this, one can configure it to alternate between the two printers and divide the effort.

Certain printers can produce a print in less than a minute and with bulk purchase and usage you can expect to bring the cost down to a nearly a dime a picture.

One would need a backdrop kit to serve as a background. It would have a stand and muslin curtains to put up a wall or banner.  A white curtain is preferred over a black one. Having both in stocks is advantageous to fulfill the wishes of his client. The stand should be expandable to make effective use of available space at the venue.

In order to compensate for inadequate lighting one should have couple photography studio continuous lighting kits, couple CFL Lights and studio umbrellas. The umbrellas work to deflect direct light; together all this assists the flash in capturing bright portraits and videos.

Laptop As A Important Contemt

Next is a laptop that is required for various purposes. It serves to remotely control the camera, print management and sprucing the pictures up with graphics. Most photobooth software applications are built for Windows so having a Windows laptop over a Mac makes more sense. It would be good to ensure that it is equipped with Nvidia Video card and a DVD burner – so one can burn DVDs right at the venue to give away to the patrons.

All of the above together with the photobooth software application is estimated to cost one under $2,500. Further depending upon one’s affordability, one is always free to enhance the experience by purchasing attractive items such as props, colorful backdrops, scenic backdrops – the choices are endless.

A two hour rental of one’s photo booth could fetch $200 to $500 depending on the equipment one uses and the options one offers. As per a rough estimate one is likely to recover the investment with the first ten orders.